The Human Genius

Constantly people will try to box in your creative genius saying that you have to focus on one field of expertise to succeed. While it's true that you should hone your talent & skills, you should never be afraid to explore outside of your comfort media. All the greats have done it so why shouldn't you. If you can imagine it, you can create it, all it takes is discipline and the right tools. I like art, so I make art, I like music, so I make music, its that simple and that is the reason for this site. By taking a look at the variety of work I've created and the effort put into it, I hope to inspire others to take a chance on always trying something new and break through the limits that are placed on them. I hope you all enjoy.

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Rich Tonez (The Human Genius)



"You take a toy out of the box to play with it, you take a TV out of a box to watch it, you take a stereo out of the box to listen to it. To enjoy all of these things at some point you had to take them out of the box, so tell me. Why do you choose to live your life in one?" ---RTTHG---