Money Ain't the Mission

Most people tend to chase money and it seems that those people are the most unhappy. Even when they are making money they often never actually have it and will lie, steal, beg and cheat to get it. People also tend to associate needing money with being successful in accomplishing their goals, when in fact it is generally the opposite that holds true. If you strive to be successful in accomplishing your goals, the money will manifest. That's because success is not a reward for making money, making money is the reward for being successful. The perfect example of this is that friend or family member of yours that's constantly switching from job to job, always looking for the next higher paying gig. They get stuck in a cycle of needing more money because once they get the money their only real reward is spending it, thus leaving them to have to find a way to get money again. However, if they strive to be successful, they receive many rewards with money holding the least value of them all. Think about it, most wealthy people don't worry about making the money, the worry about accomplishing the mission. If they have a deadline to make they will do whatever is necessary to make that deadline. In doing so the money they receive simply becomes a perk of a job well done.

Along with that they may have also received some sort of personal satisfaction, credibility, future security, and expanded their network.  To top it off, most wealthy people generally don't even need the money, because they often get everything free. The only reason to make money is to buy things you want/need, but if someone is going to just give you that stuff anyways because you're good at what you do then why not make that your top priority. Pay attention to all those wealthy people you wish to be like. Notice that ALL of them (even if they have a job they hate) have found something that they enjoy within what they do and focus on improving that, thus leading them to improve and grow.

Overall I guess it's safe to say money ain't the mission, the mission gets the money.

AuCourant Pop Up Event

Last week I had the privilege of attending the AuCourant Clothing Pop Up Event in Los Angeles, California. The event was a success and I want to thank my good friend the Creator/Founder of the brand Chaz for inviting me out. With that being said I want to share some photos I took at the next installment of the AuCourant brand. Also be sure to visit the website at

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