No Man's Neverland

An urban twist on the story of Peter Pan that takes place after Pan’s death. Fox, Tinker Bell and the rest of the Lost boys must learn to cope with Pan’s death while also facing off against Captain Hook, The Redmen, and much more in a struggle for power as they attempt to survive in the ruthless streets of Neverland.

After Pan’s pixie dust operation is busted by hook which also results in Pan’s death, it is up to Fox to take care of Tink and the Lost Boys. Seeing the outcome of the criminal lifestyle first hand, Fox has been contemplating more and more about leaving Neverland and finally growing up. However, he can’t bring himself to leave when those he holds dear need him most. Wanting to provide a better way of living for both himself and his friends Fox tries his best to stray away from the criminal lifestyle of dealing pixie dust, but the ruthless streets of Neverland won’t let him go so easy.