Tis The Season

 A down on his luck military vet in danger of losing his family and home receives a Christmas miracle, but along with that miracle comes complications as he must face off against a group of thugs and even a homeless guy to save his family and home.

This tale tells the story of a military vet has been down on his luck ever since returning home from the war resulting in his over consumption of alcohol and a gambling addiction. One day after receiving an eviction notice and having an intense argument with his wife who threatens to take her child and leave, the war vet decides to go out. While out he gets involved in a poker game with a shady group of individuals. Just when it seems his luck is about to run out a miracle happens, and he wins the pot which is just what he needs to get his life back on track. However, upon leaving with the cash he is ambushed by three of the men from the poker game. They take his money and leave him beaten in a parking garage. Upon awakening, the war vet decides to tap into his military expertise and track down these individuals and get his money back all before its too late to make the payment deadline.